The Corona Virus is a challenge for all of us

This document intends to keep customers and suppliers informed on our handling of the demands

December 18 2020

On December 31st 2020, the reduced rates for VAT will expire. To avoid problems, we stop deliveries from December 18th until January 2nd 2021 if tax is charged. We can still perform tax-free deliveries abroad. If you are not certain about that, please ask us.

Due to the new lockdown, most of our colleagues perform work from home. As a result, our availability by phone is limited to some extent. You are welcome to leave us a message or, even better, send us an email with your request. This will enable us to help you further.

June 24 2020

The VAT rates in Germany are reduced in the period from June 1st 2020 to December 31st 2020. With our products the impact is a change from 19% down to 16%. We pass this change on to our customers direct without any modification.

May 4 2020

Delivery of our shipments depends on the provided services of our carriers. In particular the target countries of shipments influence this strongly. Therefore, in special cases there may be increased prices, or deliveries with certain service providers may be cancelled altogether.

We intend to inform customers about such influences on their orders. Unfortunately such results may show up only late when processing the shipments.
We ask for your understanding.

March 26 2020

Business is difficult in current times. We do our best to avoid any risks for our employees and our customers as well. We avoid contacts to external persons so our office is not open for visits. Only carriers for shipment of goods are allowed to get in.

Also we sent as many personnel as possible to work from home. This of course affects support requests to some means, resulting in delayed replies and support. We do not answer as quick as usual but your requests are seen and solved as soon as we manage.

The Sales department is still available but less staffed than normal. We see your orders and we answer them quickly. Shipment of your orders is still done as we best can, but you understand this depends on the carriers used for transportation of packages.

Sufficient stock is available for VScom products, and we'll receive some added supply soon.
So it is of no use to ask about our stock policy. If you can order a product in our stock then it is available. For specific demands just send your order via email; if we can not fulfil that we'll let you know very soon.