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VScom 200H v4 UPCI a 2 Port RS232 PCI card 16C850 UART
  • VScom 200H v4 UPCI a 2 Port RS232 PCI card 16C850 UART
  • With cabling
  • Adapter cable

VScom 200H v4 UPCI

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The VScom 200H UPCI is a smart 2-ports Universal PCI serial card, designed for industrial automation and POS/ATM applications. VScom 200H UPCI runs with all major operating systems. The serial ports equipped with 64 byte FIFOs support data rates up to 500kbps and use full modem control signals for compatibility with a wide range of serial devices. The ports also allow every non-standard bitrate up to 500kbps. On-chip s/w and h/w flow control ensure quick reaction and so error free data transmission at high baud rates. Serial ports are ESD and surge protected. Read more …
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  • 2 x RS232 ports, ESD and surge protected
  • 500 kbps max. baud rate for fast data transfer
  • 64-Byte FIFO and on-chip H/W, S/W flow control
  • Compatible with PCI and PCI-X, Plug and Play
  • Low Profile form factor, STD and LP brackets
  • Wide temp range -40° to +65°C
  • Drivers for Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 and Linux
  • Adapter cable 2 x DB9M included

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