Obtaining a quotation

Simply start the purchase for one or more products by adding to the cart.
Please note: you do not purchase anything unless you finally confirm a payment. Instead you may abort the purchase at any step, prior to an actual payment!

You can either setup an account or use a one time guest account. Proceed with input of relevant data such as company details, invoice and delivery addresses. Once your cart is complete, you can also select a carrier for shipping. Towards the end you see the total price with shipping, including taxes if applicable.

Customers in the European Union: Make sure to enter the VAT-ID with country code
- twice - one for billing and delivery address.

carrier cost

At that point you either abort the purchase since you already got your information.

Or you directly conclude the order by selecting a payment option. This is either bank wire transfer or PayPal.
If you prefer to use your Credit Card please also select PayPal, then select the Sub-option to use your card.



Using the shop provides us with your correct company information and shipping is done as quick as possible.