Secure payment

Our secure payment

All relevant data are transferred via current technology SSL to protect the information from tampering with or eavesdropping.
We offer the following payment options: bank transfer, PayPal and payment by credit card with PayPal (without account) as a service provider.

Using PayPal

Immediate payment for fastest delivery is possible using your PayPal account.

If you do not own (or want to use) a PayPal account you may choose your Credit Card. Select PayPal as payment method, then select the option of Credit Cards. This payment is handled by PayPal as well hence the primary selection.
Currently supported are Visa and Mastercard.

Credit card payment (without PayPal account) utilizing PayPal:

Step 1. Finishing up your shop order with a payment – select your payment option:
Note: You can use PayPal without an account for Credit Card payment. Select the yellow Pay with PayPal  button.


Step 2. Now select PayPal to process your payment
Without an account or for Credit card payment – proceed to Continue without a PayPal account.
Note: If you have an  account -- enter the corresponding PayPal account email or you will be directly taken to PayPal once selected.


Step 3.  Enter an active email you can access and Continue to Payment.


Step 4. Here you have two options e.g. payment by Bank or Credit Card or alternatively – for Credit Card payment.

Fill out the relevant fields. The amount is shown and your input with your details requested. PayPal will generate an invisible “internal” account to process the payment „without" an actual PayPal account.

credit card

and finally proceed to Agree & Pay.