• NetCom Plus
    The Ethernet to Serial Gateways NetCom Plus connect RS232 or RS485 devices to a network running TCP/IP. These Serial Device Servers are rugged industrial devices with metal case and DIN-Rail or wall mounting, further supported by ESD protection on serial ports, power input and USB.
  • ModBus Gateways
    Modbus Gateways connect a network with serial Modbus lines. They convert Modbus/TCP on the network to Modbus/RTU or Modbus/ASCII on the serial connection. The serial line may operate by RS232 for a single device, or in RS485 mode to connect with many devices. As one extension also RS422 is implemented, replacing RS232 for long distance. And as second extension the ModGate Plus support multiple Modbus Masters on TCP or serial connections.
    The ModGate Plus with modern RISC-Processor provide Ethernet or WLAN connection plus up to eight serial ports with high speed UART. It is also possible to route protocols from one serial line to another, thereby changing RS232 to RS485, Modbus/RTU to Modbus/ASCII, and serial parameters like bitrate, character size and parity as well.
  • Industrial USB to Serial
    Adapters (or Converters) from USB to serial ports. By drivers the ports appear as usual Serial (Com) Ports in the system.
    USB or Ethernet/WLAN to CAN Bus 2.0A/B adapter. Higher layer protocols, such as CANopen, can be assembled using the available development tools for complex automation control applications. All adapters use the same VSCAN API for applications to allow for easy exchange of adapters.
  • VScom Converter
    The RS232 to RS485/422 converters adapt standard Com ports of a PC to the electrical specifications of RS485 or RS422 networks. Applications on the PC get simple access to the devices connected to such networks.
    RS422 and RS485 are designed to support very long transmission lines, high data rates of up to 1 MBit/s, as well as multiple devices connected at the same time. These features are superior to RS232.
    These functions also allow to transmit RS232 signals through a pair of these converters. This allows to extend the limited communication range of RS232 up to the limits of RS422. At the same time the converters can isolate the RS232 link.
  • PCI Serial Cards
    Following cards add serial ports to PC systems, as it is required in many applications. Inserting Add-on cards into a computer is the "classical way" to extend the capabilities of an existing system.
    The VScom cards are provided for PCI Express, standard PCI and even models for old-fashioned ISA bus are still available. Drivers exist for Windows and Linux.
  • Wiring Adapters and...
    Connection and Mounting options for VScom products. Adapters for DSub9 connectors optimize for RS422/485 transmission or change RS232 connectors from male to female and vice versa.
    Cables for eight port serial cards or certain connectors by RJ45 serve as adapters to give the usual serial connectors DSub9 and DSub25.

    Finally there are mounting options, especially for the small cases used in NetCom Plus and USB-COM Plus single and double port models.
  • ARM Embedded Computers
    The OnRISC Baltos iR series are fanless and DIN-Rail mounting suitable industrial embedded PC with compact dimensions. They are based on an ARM Cortex-A8 with NEON SIMD Coprocessor, with up to 1GHz CPU clock speed. Low power consumption (3W typical), an extended temperature range (−20°C to 65°C), a wide range power supply (12 — 50V DC) and an impressive MTBF (more than 10 Years at 45°C) are qualities that make them ideal systems for industrial automation.
    These products use open source software, see opensource
  • ARM Panel Computers
    RISC Panel PC with ARM Cortex-A8 processor and Touch Display, operating in Linux and WinCE. Two Serial Ports and two Ethernet Interfaces allow for a compact SCADA system.
    These products use open source software, see opensource
  • VPN Routers
    The VPNRouter iR series are advanced industrial VPN router designed for security sensitive network applications. The product's main feature includes the easy setup of secure VPN connections (SSL/TLS and AES-256 based) to other remote VPNRouters. The VPNRouter can act as the central firewall/router to the Internet or as a VPN gateway within an existing local network. In both roles, the VPNRouter can be a server or a client for the VPN. With the VPNRouter, one can significantly reduce costs as remote management and monitoring of critical assets is made possible. Examples of such assets include power and water treatment stations, production lines, ATMs, CCTVs and many other M2M applications.
    These products use open source software, see opensource
  • System on Modules
    ARM embedded systems are often created based on a central core module. The central component is a System on Chip (SOC) with great flexibility in provided functions and interfaces. Modules make these options available for OEM/ODM designs, or even systems created by customers.
    Developer boards are available to demonstrate the rich function set and as a starting point for customers development.

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